kenya_soloLatane is co-founder of Guns in the Sun, the West LA collective that has started creating an actual indie/dance music scene on the Westside of LA. Kenya’s preferred sound is feel-good modern and classic disco music…. always fun, always non stop energetic, and leaning on the original song elements to keep people dancing rather than the sometimes too verbose and outplayed dance music elements often derived from rave or techno music influence. Kenya often times mixes in more international disco music, such as world dance sounds popularized in Latin America and Africa…. all culminating in an overall dance music sound that would be perfect for an outdoor beach party in the summer….without feeling like you’ve gone to Ibiza. Kenya has played all around Los Angeles, but prefers to keep his surf disco sound on the Westside of LA. He has performed with Holy Ghost!, Classixx, The Twelves, Treasure Fingers, The Juan Maclean, Futurecop! and many more. An accomplished musician himself, he also works in the Music Department at CAA and manages the Austin folk singer Jesse Woods.
Club Classic
Poolside Rooftop Standard
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First Four Beers – Guns in the Sun Mix
Sun Hustler


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