matt_soloMatthew got is first set of turntables the day after he heard a friend mixing together a Nas 12-ich acapella over a Dr. Dre instrumental. Music has always been the driving force in his life but the power of bringing together the two separate songs opened up Matthew’s mind to the creative possibilities of being a DJ and it didn’t take long for his record collection to grow exponentially.

Matthew grew up in Los Angeles area. His travels have inspired him to see that music is a global rhythm that knows no borders or limits based on any particular genre, if it sounds good than it gets played. When people ask him what kind of music he spins he simple responds, “all the good stuff.” On any given night he may go from laying down a soul set to some electro and then some Brazilian grooves. Matthew has been a resident DJ with the Standard Downtown since May 2004. A self-proclaimed vinyl nerd, Matthew has dropped sets all around Los Angeles for downtown loft parties, lounges, art exhibitions, film sets, nightclubs and fashion shows.

In the spring of 2009 Matthew graduated with honors and received his BA in Digital Media Arts with a minor in Digital Graphics from California State University Dominguez Hills. He is responsible for starting up the new media production group Project Slate.

DJ Rubino Presents: Rip It Up, Live at Wurstkuche – February 17th 2011

Nice Krispy Treats – The All Vinyl Mixtape by DJ Rubino

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