Ted aka discoVERY



Ted2Rooted in the LA underground, DiscoVERY made a significant impression in the event production world and DJing for various clubs, raves, and parties across Southern California. Beginning with a vinyl record collection started at age 13 in 1994, his influences span across many genres; however, DiscoVERYs primary interest at the time was in House music. His interests soon evolved into and Drum & Bass and after working for a local independent record shop, he simultaneously began DJing for higher profile gigs and expanding his vinyl collection. As time passed DiscoVERY ventured into the underground electro scene, eventually coming full circle back to his first love- House music. Currently, DiscoVERY maintains a residency with Exxxplosivo DJs playing at the popular Wurstkuche restaurant in downtown LA and Venice Beach. Here and among other restaurants and hotels, he plays a variety of genres with an emphasis on Indie Dance/Nu Disco, Mashups, and Daytime Disco. List of clients include: Utility Board Shop Tillys Wurstkuche The Next Door Lounge Pacific Coast Entertainment Code 4 Media Group Complete Entertainment Project Sweatshop I Love LA Events Tonz of Drumz Insomniac KPFK Signal Flow Radio Custom Hotel The Mezz Bar The Garage


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