These kind words come from past clients of mine…
Exxxplosivo DJs
I’ve used Mike (aka DJ THC Electra) for both mine and my wife’s 40th birthday parties. He did an excellent job with the music at both parties. and kept the dancing going all night. Everybody had a great time at both birthday parties & loved the music. Someone even emailed me and said my b’day party had the best birthday soundtrack ever.

Mike is very easy to work with, extremely professional, plays what you ask for, throws in his own grooves for good measure and just keeps the party going. What more could you ask for in a DJ? I highly recommend his services!!
Exxxplosivo DJs
MIKE!!!! Oh my God you exceeded my expectations by miles!! You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much !!!

I am glad you had a good time as well! You are definitely my man for next year!!!

Thanks again!

Exxxplosivo DJs
We recently booked Mike for a 60 person wedding in palm desert. Both the bride & i live out of state, so not knowing anyone locally, we resorted to craigslist and came upon mike’s myspace site. His music mixes seemed like it would fit our crowd nicely; after emailing and speaking to mike several times, we agreed to go w/him sight unseen…and we were not disappointed!!

Not only was he easy to work with before the wedding in terms of planning – but, everything from the ceremony to the first dances and toasts to the cake cutting to the all night dancing were handled professionally and perfectly…we could have not been more pleased…and when it came to dance time, the song selections were awesome…the music was energetic, and he kept the crowd dancing right on through to the last song. There was no problem with Mike’s taking requests – of which there were many. I would highly recommend him – it is a wedding & reception we will always remember!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Thank you Mike for a wonderful evening of just the music we asked for and enjoy. You kept everyone dancing and laughing all night long. We appreciate what a great job you did for us. Thanks again, Judith and Louis
Exxxplosivo DJs
Thanks so much Mike! You made "the new 30" party a huge success. The music selections and mix were perfect. It great to know that you can still find a professional out there that delivers. I am positive that you will be getting some referral business from this one, everyone had such an amazing time—and your music was key.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike Bocek is first class. Our reception went off without a hitch and the musical energy of the evening was fantastic. I was most impressed by his level of communication during the planning process. While coordinating a wedding can be overwhelming, Mike helped me remain calm and confident. I knew I could rely on him and was able to just enjoy the night with my friends and family on the dance floor!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike Bocek was the perfect Wedding DJ. He played almost all of our favorite songs and mixed up the tempo nicely with mash-ups and remixed versions of popular songs to keep it fresh. People young and old were dancing throughout the night and were having a great time.

His timing was also just perfect for our big dances and the cake cutting. In addition, he also got to jam a little bit with our wedding band and was very flexible with the music being played. Mike was very professional and the Victorian staff and our wedding coordinator loved working with him. I would highly recommend Mike for many other events.
Exxxplosivo DJs
It was so F’ing awesommmmmme!! Thanks bocek. I have been dancing in the moonlight since Saturday.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike Bocek is an amazing wedding DJ! He created an upbeat, positive vibe during dinner by playing cool, fun music. He also played a variety of great dance music that appealed to everyone. One of my favorite moments was looking up and seeing the dance floor full of family and friends over sixty. After dinner, he was not only able to keep the dance floor going non-stop, but he played songs that made people jump out of their seats to dance. Many friends said that the DJ was one of their favorite parts of our wedding. We couldn’t have been happier with Mike.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike Bocek was absolutely one of the best vendors I have ever worked with – he was totally professional, easy-going and produced a great product. He has a very wide range of music that he knows about and can play – he followed my direction 100% and augmented as appropriate – he never tried to change the mood or music theme that I had chosen. I would highly recommend him and will definitely use him again!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike was a great DJ for my theme party. The guests loved him and he had an amazing selection of tunes, encompassing a lot of different tastes. Best of all, he knew exactly when to play certain songs in order to keep the party going. I will use Mike for sure again for future events.
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Mike is the greatest D.J. ever! Every song that came about was “My Favorite Song”! I would definitely use him again for any function. He is very professional, friendly and blends right in with the crowd.

Also he has the greatest attitude, my party was not very large, but he still treated it like the most important function he was hired for because he knew it was important to me. Thanks Mike for the great time and memories.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike, thanks for being an integral part of our engagement party’s success! While we took care of playing host and hostess, we trusted you to just “do your thing,” in the most skilled and friendly manner possible. You came prepared with a vast array of music, scoped out the flavor of the evening, and proceeded accordingly, stirring up sounds that accompanied the party, not overpowered it. The music was an upbeat mix and match of oldies, newbies, and everything hip in between — just like we planned via email.

Time and again, guests young and old complimented me on your musicality and style. Hope your ears were thrumming like ours were! Bottom Line: You are true professional. Couldn’t have asked for better and we’d love to hire you again!

– Vanessa and Lance
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I was hosting a private event for my birthday and I needed the DJ to reflect the crowd. Mike (aka DJ THC Electra) said he could work any crowd, anytime. I thought it was a ‘pitch’ but Mike came in as “Exxxplosivo” and took over the crowd as soon as he got on the ones and twos! He was awesome and I personally recommend him for any event as he pretty much knows about every genre of music and spins some sick ish! He had current, underground stuff that nobody had heard in any other club and it just enhanced my party that much more. He was worth every penny!
Exxxplosivo DJs

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did as our wedding DJ. Not only was it a Jewish wedding which required a mix of both American and Israeli music, but it was to be a New Year’s Eve bash as well! Nice work. You kept the party rocking all night, and all we’ve heard from friends and family is what an amazing time they had dancing all night.

We appreciate your professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the night went off with a bang! and without a hitch.

I’ll recommend you to anyone who asks, and to anyone reading this testimonial, be certain that Mike is a sure shot for a lively party, and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks Again,

Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike was recommended by a friend to DJ my 30th birthday party and he did not disappoint! We had a band start off the first hour of the night and Mike was very accommodating. He took song requests from my drunk friends (ahem..and myself) and played a lot of crowd favorites. I know all my guests had a blast dancing and singing along, I have pictures to prove it! Thanks Mike for being so amazingly cool and making sure everyone got to hear what they wanted!!! I’ll never forget my 30th and I will definitely be spreading the word about DJ THC Electra!!!
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I first heard DJ THC Electra at my sister’s wedding in 2006. So when I was getting hitched 3 years later, the was no question about who would DJ my wedding in Palm Springs. He was the only vendor worth travelling down from LA.

Being somewhat of a music snob, it’s so awesome that he was very knowledgeable with our musical taste, from old skool hip hop to indie rock to dance. He’s not only a wedding DJ… he rocked the motherlovin’ house down! He had specific music for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception that catered to our taste and added his own vibe. So many guests asked us “Who’s that DJ? He’s rad!” He definitely made it the best wedding party ever!!!

Rockin’ Tunes + Kick Ass Party Vibe = DJ THC Electra
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Hi Mike!!

We both would like to thank you again for a wonderful job. We had so much fun and I know that without your help our reception would not have been a success. We will always make sure to keep you in mind for future events.

George and Kelly
Exxxplosivo DJs
You will never have a wedding reception like the one you’ll get with DJ THC ELECTRA!! I checked out his music library and I will stamp a guarantee that no one has a library as big as his…and I didn’t hear a single cliche, over-used wedding-type dance song like “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” or “Shout” or “The Electric Slide”…

This was all original, partially based on requests from the bride and groom and partially based on his god-given natural ability to read a room and find the vibe and play the music that will keep that vibe alive…

He plays a nice mix of older tracks with new hip stuff…he made a crowd of dancers out of people that I’ve never known to dance before in their lives. His musical taste is eclectic, moving, yet never overpowering…

like I said, he knows exactly how to fit a room with the perfect soundtrack. He did an amazing job at the McNitt wedding recently and if I ever get married in the future, he’s the first guy I’m calling!!

Do yourself a favor and hire DJ THC ELECTRA for your wedding reception. You will up the coolness of it by about 90%!!
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I hosted a grand opening party for a local retailer in Santa Barbara, and THC Electra most DEFINITELY made the party fabulous! He was personable, hip and friendly and his music was absolutely original and really made the party awesome. He is definitely the anti-cliche DJ! I highly reccomend him to anyone who wants to add a little flare to their special occasion.
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I had the opportunity to have DJ THC Electra spin for the opening of the Lush Cosmetics shop in Santa Barbara. As music is very integral part of Lush, and I knew we couldn’t have just any old DJ spinning the same old stuff. So I turned to the hippest, most clever one I could find.

Mike kept the party vibe in the shop, with customers having a blast and asking about the music and the DJ! Our shop is quite small, but he figured out how to set up his stand and speakers with no hitch at all.

I’d seen him spin at clubs and bars, and he’s just as awesome at a corporate event…the man to go to if you want the newest music, a great atmosphere, and an all around professional, kind, and hilarious working partner!
Exxxplosivo DJs
DJ THC Electra (AKA Mike) is INCREDIBLE! I had an eclectic group of people at my wedding, but didn’t want to hear the same old music you hear at every other wedding. Mike hooked us up! He managed to find a groove that satisfied everyone to the extreme, and had people exclaiming all night, “Who is this DJ? He’s AWESOME!!!” I would highly recommend him for ANY event — he’s professional, cutting-edge, no-stress, and a pretty rad guy! Seriously, do yourself a favor and call him, we are so incrediblly glad we did!
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Some girls grow up dreaming what their wedding day will be like. I grew up dreaming about what my ideal wedding playlist would be. So my standards for choosing a DJ were high and meeting after meeting, consulting with random DJ’s, I was left unimpressed…

::: Enter DJ THC Electra :::

Mike DJ’d our wedding in August in San Diego and our friends are still talking about him – hell, we are still talking about him. He was amazing and he made our night SO MUCH FUN! He introduced an eclectic blend of music that no other DJ we talked to could compare to. He was also organized, professional, and so much fun. He did a great job between MC’ing and DJ’ing. He fused a collection of songs around a few key songs we picked out and kept the night going without skipping a beat.

He did a good job reading the crowd, unfortunately that meant nixing some of my old skool hip hop songs out of the mix (you see, old skool hip hop is what lives in my heart). I would recommend coming up with a list of must have songs and emphazing which ones you can live without and which have to be played. I probably could have done a better job of emphasizing which songs those were.

Overall, he was STELLAR. We were confident in his music taste going into the day, and he really came into life during our wedding (dressed very sharp, I must mention). Even before our reception, he was awesome. He helped us out when we ran into a snag during our ceremony, which ended up saving us a ton of stress and money.

By far, he was one of the best decisions we made on our wedding. Hands down, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dance-inspiring, musically-captivating, not-your-typical-boring-wedding, event.
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My husband, Jeff, and I were looking for a great DJ for our wedding. Jeff has very high standards when it comes to music. We are not the types to request only the songs that are played over and over again on the radio. We were having a French inspired wedding at Ortolan and the food, setting and wine were beyond amazing. We gave DJ Mike a play list, guidelines and the freedom to inject his own creativity. Mike delivered and the music helped put the whole night together. He started the evening with gorgeous French songs, building energy until the dance floor was full and everyone was smiling. Many of our guests commented on what a great DJ we had. When it was all said and done, we asked Mike for a CD of the evening he created.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Let me start by saying that DJ THC Electra is truly a master of his craft. When I first began my search to find a great DJ for my wedding, I never imagined that I’d find the best.

Me and my, now, wife love great music and know how critical it can be to make or break an event. We already had a spectacular venue for our wedding but DJ THC Electra took it to another level once he started doing what he does best. Throughout and after the wedding, I had people ask me who the DJ was or comment that the music was awesome….not the regular standard wedding issue. DJ THC Electra came up with an original song list for our wedding which included bits of Czech and Persian music to match our backgrounds. The dance floor was packed from the minute DJ THC Electra started playing until the night was over. He had a flavor in his song list for all of our guests….from pop to dance to soul to custom mixes.

DJ THC Electra killed it!!!
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In our quest to find a mobile DJ who could go above and beyond the standard wedding-reception tunes, we found DJ THC Electra. The local party starter, who you can catch spinning most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at downtown restaurant Wurstküche, comes equipped with Serato Scratch Live 3.0 and 420 Gb of music in addition to the usual tools of the trade. THC Electra caters to a variety of musical tastes, with sets ranging from the latest club hits to sophisticated electronic grooves and indie rock sounds to old school hip-hop and classic rock. For private parties, THC Electra can work with the hosts to create the perfect playlist for the event. Frequently, though, people tend to trust his instincts and it seems to work. He’s played a slew of high profile events, including film parties and museum soirees. The DJ works with clients to settle on a fair rate based on the specifics of the event. You can find THC Electra at exxxplosivo.com.
Exxxplosivo DJs
In our quest to find a mobile DJ who could go above and beyond the standard wedding-reception tunes, we found DJ THC Electra. The local party starter, who you can catch spinning most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at downtown restaurant Wurstküche, comes equipped with Serato Scratch Live 3.0 and 420 Gb of music in addition to the usual tools of the trade. THC Electra caters to a variety of musical tastes, with sets ranging from the latest club hits to sophisticated electronic grooves and indie rock sounds to old school hip-hop and classic rock. For private parties, THC Electra can work with the hosts to create the perfect playlist for the event. Frequently, though, people tend to trust his instincts and it seems to work. He’s played a slew of high profile events, including film parties and museum soirees. The DJ works with clients to settle on a fair rate based on the specifics of the event. You can find THC Electra at exxxplosivo.com.
Exxxplosivo DJs
My (now) wife and I came across Mike whilst searching for a DJ for our wedding. We were immediately drawn to him through his discerning taste in music and his friendly and professional manner. I should also mention that music is incredibly important to my wife and I, so at our wedding having great music was something we valued very highly. With this in mind we weren’t just looking for the usual wedding DJ repertoire, we were looking for something special, incorporating our eclectic tastes along with soul, dance, rock and party music. Mike exceeded our high expectations – he handled all stages of the evening with excellence and played consistently good and varied music. Mike’s music really set the mood for the evening and enhanced the entire atmosphere. We were grooving away on the dancefloor for much of the night along with many of our guests. Ever since the wedding many wedding guests have remarked on Mike’s great music and asked us about certain tracks he played. I’d highly recommend Mike to anyone and especially to those who really love music.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Do yourself a favor and book Mike for your next event!! You will be glad you did. He was our wedding DJ 2 weeks ago and was as awesome as they come. Everyone is still talking about the music and the atmosphere he helped create. Here are some highlights of working with Mike that made him a must-have for us:

Huge Music Library! – He had all the music we wanted including the obscure and older stuff. And you only need to give him an idea of what you like and he’ll get it. He knows his stuff and listens to you and gives you what you ask for.

Professional and easy-going. He worked with our budget and was reliable and followed through on everything for us. Great communication and accessibility. And he is not about overtaking your special day and making it about himself like so many other wedding dj’s I’ve seen. He is not cheesy or obnoxious, he is cool and appropriate for a wedding. Exactly what we were looking for.

Resourceful- This is a must-have for a DJ. He figured out what to do in a larger outdoor set-up for us and made it happen. He came prepared with lots of extension cords and all the equipment. If there was a problem, I never knew it during our special day- he just made it happen.

He’s FUN! Mike knows how to get the party going and keep the crowd happy! When he’s dancing alongside your guests and they are loving the music, the vibe and him- you know you got the right dj.

Thanks for helping make our wedding fun and memorable Mike!! You rock and I will recommend you highly any day.
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After having an almost disaster at my wedding a few weeks ago with a DJ who just couldn’t really DJ I was skeptical about hiring someone I didn’t know for my company’s Semi-Formal Annual Holiday Party at the Pacific Design Center.

Mike was extremely well spoken and professional and delivered everything he promised. He had an amazing attitude despite the music that may have been requested and treated everyone with kindness. He was on time, had state of the art equipment, low-maintenance, smiled and looked like he was enjoying the whole evening and played spectacular music all night long!

I look forward to hiring Mike again!

Thank you,
Exxxplosivo DJs
Tasked with finding a DJ for a wedding isn’t easy. Tasked with finding a DJ for an office party isn’t easy. Tasked with finding a DJ for a wedding-themed office party, that could convey the right feel AND keep the crowd happy – not easy. However, DJ Mike will now make it easy for us from now on, since he is not just any DJ – he is a wedding DJ that doesn’t even compare to anything I’ve ever heard before. I definitely recommend going and listening to some of the tracks on his site – he’s up to date with what ‘the kids’ are listening to now, makes mixes that keeps the crowd going and was just an awesome DJ to have around. We’ll never hire anyone else.
Exxxplosivo DJs
While looking for a DJ for my March wedding I came across Mike’s reviews and got in touch with him. He did not disappoint! Not only did he have the patience to deal with me long distance as I planned my L.A. wedding from Boston where I live, but he ended up putting on an event that my friends are still talking about. He juggled a ton of diverse song requests, put his own spin on things, and had pretty much everyone up and dancing until the venue closed down. Not only that, but he’s a genuinely nice guy – easy to work with, good to grab a beer with, super professional.
Exxxplosivo DJs
The DJ was new, first night playing here, and he was awesome! Perfect fit! (mike I think his name was). I personally overheard over 5 guests on separate occasions going up to him with positive words. Please pass along the feedback to whoever books the talent. thanks.
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It was a time of darkness… a time of holy-crap-we’re-gonna-end-up-with-some-cheesewad-w ho’s-gonna-wanna-let-the dogs-out and our reception is going to land on page one of “The History of Suck”! Then, stepping out of the fog of lame came Mr. DJ THC Electra! Electra — aka Mike — was all of this and more:

Professional – Creative – Thoughtful – Friendly – On Point – Wily – Fun

My beef with most DJs? They think they’re too cool for school. Well, Mike is cool, but also ready for class. He worked overtime with us to craft an evening of Indie-New Wave-Classic Rock-Folk-Funk that had our guests up off their duffs in a hurry. We are extremely anal about our music, and Mike played ball, spinning everything from ’60s French Pop to Van Halen to a choice cut from the Mary Poppins soundtrack.

Since the big night we’ve been slammed with hugs and high-fives over our DJ selection! Thanks again, Electra!!!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike aka DJ THC Electra was an absolute pleasure to work with, he was friendly, funny and had a great taste in music. People were up and dancing even before dinner was served. He took requests and was willing to go with the flow of the evening with no problems.

After the older folks left is when the party really started to get under way. All the 20 and 30 somethings were up and dancing right up until midnight when the music had to be turned off.

I am so happy we decided to hire THC Electra for our wedding, we couldn’t have had anymore fun, even if we tried.
Exxxplosivo DJs
OK, Seriously…DJ Mike Bocek is not only the best DJ but he will become your best friend! I read about Mike on Yelp and It just so happened that he was the DJ at our engagement party at “Wurstkuche” downtown LA. It knew it was a sign! So I contacted Mike and he was really cool from the get go! As soon as I decided to book him for my may15, 2010 wedding we became instant pen pals going back and forth about music and details about our big Day. He’s pretty busy so make sure to confirm all appointments with him. I do this with all my vendors anyways. We met over coffee in Hollywood to describe the vibe we wanted and more important…didn’t want. I met with Mike one more time right before the wedding and he printed out my list of DO’s and Don’ts and managed to set up his DJ booth the day before. He had two stations so that he could bounce inside and out of our 2 party rooms. He did have a few technical difficulties but I was impressed with how he dealt with them very quickly and professionally. Mike went on into the late hours and really got the crowd going~! Dancing and he even played a few more songs after they cut him off! It was awesome! Mike is a lifer! and I can’t wait to use him at another party!

He DJ’s at Adam Sandler’s Xmas party every year so that’s gotta stand for something, right? Also make sure to always be specific! Even though Mike is an amazing DJ it’s always important to be SPECIFIC with music, timing, microphone, and lighting so you get exactly what YOU want. Do your homework and make sure you are organized!(That is just the way I like to do things and it calms me to have all my ducks in a row) Hire him for your wedding!!!! I did! and i couldn’t be happier!!!!! Oh and he will also send you a copy of your music from that night! Way cool! Thanks Mike!!!!! He rocked it!!!!!
I really wanted him to play “total eclipse of the heart” by the Dan Band. He found the perfect moment to play it and the crowd went crazy over it!
Exxxplosivo DJs
LOVE Mike! I actually found him originally through Yelp among a handful of great reviews – and he did not disappoint! He played a great mix of music, and kept the party going all night long – the dance floor never slowed. Such a pleasure to work with and very professional – and the kind of guy you want to join the party. He even went out of his way to stop by our hotel after the wedding and drop off my sister’s camera and a few other odds and ends left at the venue which was SO nice, and sent us home with some great tunes for our drive up to Santa Barbara. I’m so happy he was a part of our wedding and would hands down recommend him to others looking for a dj for their upcoming event.
Exxxplosivo DJs
First off, Mike saved my life at my wedding. Well sorta, but basically. Check me taking portrait pictures 15 mins before I walk down the aisle and my coordinator coming up to me and telling me my ceremony musician thought the wedding was the following day…Before I had time to freak out on everyone and drive to the musician’s place and bomb his house DJ THC Electra was taking care of it!!!!

He was overall incredibly professional, stuck to the few rules I gave him (no “wedding” music, played the must-play songs), he was a great MC as well, and he got up and danced a bit! Very creative in his music, he just has some sixth sense about it all.

Everything went off without a hitch and sooo many people said it was the most fun wedding they had been to. People of all age groups were jammin’ all night long. My step-mom even asked my dad to dance, which is unheard of! It was a perfect time overall.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Music was VERY important to my fiance and I in prepping our wedding. He is a totally music snob and I was adamant about NO DISCO! ;) Guests included party people mixed with more conservative family members and a lot of different tastes in music. I had seen Mike at clubs before and knew he was a fun guy with great eclectic taste. I was really impressed at how prepared and professional he was as a wedding DJ. We had a few good conversations over email and IM – he was communicative and thorough. I felt totally secure that we were on the same page and music was one less thing to worry about!

On the day, Mike was set up early, relaxed and charming. He was a great MC – kept the speeches moving and started the dance party right away. I can’t say I remember every song or great dance groove…but I had a great time! All the pictures of the party are people dancing their butts off and having the time of their lives.

He is absolutely worth his professional rate and I highly recommend Mike to anyone serious about creating the perfect atmosphere for dance party.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike is the best DJ you’ll find anywhere. From the moment we walked into the reception hall, the music was bangin’! He kept the music mellow, but upbeat during dinner. After dinner he rocked the house with 90’s hip hop and dance rock. Till this day, our guests still can’t stop raving about how awesome our wedding was and how much fun they had on the dance floor. Thanks to Mike, our wedding was pretty much the best wedding of 2010.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike DJ’d our wedding earlier this month and we (my husband and I) both agree he does a very good job of reading the crowd. He is also incredible in that he is extremely loyal to his clients — he checked in with us a few times for “permission” to play songs that might have been borderline cheesy or just plain horrible! He has the most incredible selection of covers I’ve ever heard that was perfect for during dinner. I can’t wait for a copy of the playlist it was seriously that good! Mike’s also super easy going and good in a pinch – he was able to track down our first dance song with little notice. Would for sure recommend him – and actually, some friends who were at our wedding are already talking about booking him for their wedding next summer they had so much fun!! I’d say that pretty much speaks for itself as far as reviewing him goes!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike DJ’d and MC’d our wedding, and he was incredible. His choice of music flowed throughout the night, and got everyone up and dancing. The music during the cocktail hour was a great eclectic mix and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

During the reception, our caterer was running really behind when it came to serving dinner; Mike recognized this, and started the dance music early. This took everyone’s mind off of the food and literally saved the night! The music he chose for the reception was awesome, and got everyone up and dancing which is exactly what we wanted.

Almost every one of the vendors I dealt with for our wedding was a pain in the ass except for Mike, he was so easy to deal with, and actually listened to our needs.

When it came to finding a DJ for our wedding, most of the DJs we spoke to just had long playlists and wanted us to choose most of the music. Mike was different in that he is an actual DJ that knows how to read a crowd and choose the best music for that crowd. Picking Mike to DJ our wedding was by far one of the best choices we made.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike Bocek (aka DJ THC ELECTRA) is the MAN! Incredible DJ with an awesome ear and a true love for music, but also a great guy.

He was recommend by a friend of mine to DJ our wedding last October. We checked out his website (which is awesome) and instantly knew that this was the guy. He has tons of great mixes on his site that show a great range. He has a great variety- mixing old favorites, new music we'd never heard of, and some stellar remixes and covers. (I still frequent his website to listen to new mixes on a regular basis). So we booked him that day. And we're VERY happy we did.

Mike did a great job at our wedding. He really knew how to read the room and slowly build up the energy throughout the night....which, I think, is the real sign of a great DJ. Anyone with an ipod can play some music, but it takes a real DJ to know how to read the vibe in the room, and build it up into the all-out dance party that we were hoping for. A+ to Mike, I think he even got my grandparents dancing... He keeps track of his mixes through the night and was happy to burn off a few CDs of the nights music for a few of my friends that asked. How cool is that?!

More than that though, Mike is a really cool, down-to-earth guy that you'll be happy to work with. You'll probably want to stay in touch with after your event is over... Pay for a DJ, leave with a homie.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike recently DJ'd (is that the right term?) our wedding and did an awesome job! He is definitely the guy to go to if you want a cool "outside-the-box" wedding. Mike stuck right to my rule: No songs that have the instructions on how to dance to them in the lyrics to the song!!! Think about it carefully and it rules out a ton of the crappiest songs ever created.

I've always been very picky about music (I do reviews for a prominent online music blog), and I didn't even have to lay down any stiff guidelines. This was essential because we certainly didn't have the time (and neither will you...mark my words!!!!) to hold a DJs hand and make sure he shared in our "aural vision" (whoa). We met with Mike once, he totally picked up on what we were going for, and knocked it out of the park on the big day.
Now clearly Mike did a great job with the music, but being a professional wedding DJ (he also does clubs, bars, lounges, etc. so no velvet suit and jerry curl here...haha) is way more than that. Our wedding ceremony was on the beach, not easily accessible, and with the backdrop of splashing waves. He slogged all of his equipment into the sand, set it up perfectly and had everyone hearing every precious, memorable word, even in the face of hurricane-force winds. The one question I asked everyone after the ceremony was, "Could you hear everything all right??" Everyone said yes.

From there, he had to drag his gear up to the reception hall--which was even more awkwardly situated--and set everything up for the *immediately* following cocktail hour and reception. Mike nailed it all flawlessly. The reception was a huge hit with Mike really taking the music exactly where I hoped it would go (and democratically dealing with some of my more "opinionated" family members).

It's one thing to have a DJ who can follow a playlist and go when and where you tell him, it's another to have someone who can roll with the punches, fix problems, improvise, and use his head when things don't go exactly to plan (guess what, young couples, they won't!!!). A lot of the other reviews further reinforce how Mike's ability to think on his feet and "protect the flow" essentially saved their wedding.

I am a huge music psycho, and the DJ was my biggest concern about the whole event. I am 100% glad I went with Mike because he took so much of the headache out of the process and kept it wicked fun!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Wow. I found Mike via Yelp just 2 weeks before our wedding, after reconsidering my ill-founded decision to have a friend handle music at the event. Best decision ever. I knew after listening to the playlists on his website that he'd be a great addition, and he certainly delivered. I can't recommend Exxxplosivo enough to people looking for a wedding DJ, or any other event. Plus, he's a snappy dresser!
Exxxplosivo DJs
DJ THC Electra, aka Mike Bocek, brings the party. He did our wedding in Manhattan Beach a few weeks ago and absolutely crushed it.

First off, he's super professional. After exchanging emails, he invited us to a Dj set at the the Standard's pool deck downtown. We chatted about our wedding details. He took notes and gave us a couple of his recent mixes CDs that were awesome.

Secondly, he's got an amazing ear for music. As the wedding got closer, we kept checking out his amazing website with all of his incredible collections that he's put together. He's a cut above, and it's really evident when you check out his site. Combining familiar party-starters with the obscure twists to keep an interesting is a true art, and Mike is a master at it.

Third, the guy is super collaborative. As good as he is at digging for the greatest stuff for every occasion, he is also incredibly collaborative. We had a wedding party that was largely from the midwest, and we requested that he keep things pretty accessible. Well, he was able to do both. It was awesome.

Couldn't have asked for a better DJ for an unforgettable night.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike just DJ'd our wedding and he nailed it. Perfect song selection and flow -- exactly what we wanted (and discussed beforehand!) for a perfect event. He\'s got great, eclectic and original taste in music--none of the usual wedding music schlock--plus his positive vibes and attitude helped elevate the party. Could not recommend him more.
Exxxplosivo DJs
DJ THC Electra, aka Mike Bocek, was definitely worth every penny! We hired him for our wedding and couldn't have been happier. We only had one initial meeting and I knew immediately that he was our dude. We wanted a DJ we didn't have to give a playlist to or no play playlist to. Wedding planning is time consuming enough, I didn't want to have to think of songs to play on our special day. NO TIME, man! I wanted someone that could read our vibe and also feed off the crowd. During our meeting, i gave him some ideas of what current artists we listen to and what makes our booties shake, because the two are kinda different from each other. From that, who knew exactly what our musical taste was. My now husband and I LOVE music and are a little more eclectic than our family and friends, indie, electro, folk, funk, brazilian beat, disco. But Mike knew how to make everyone happy. He played stuff I've never heard before and loved, cover tracks that were amazing (i love cool covers), and he even played a little achy breaky heart as requested by our relatives. Let's just make them happy :). But it was cool that he came up to me and asked me first if he could. Mike is a cool dude! Great at his job. Professional all the way and showed up extra early to set up. He has all the tools needed and doesn't charge extra for lights or anything. I even had guests ask me later..."what was that song your DJ played?"...just really unique and bumping stuff. I would recommend him to anyone and use again in the future. You really can't go wrong with him. JUST BOOK HIM ALREADY!
Exxxplosivo DJs
Thanks, Yelpers! My husband and I found Mike through Yelp, when the DJ search for our wedding was turning up a ton of duds. Once we met with him, we knew we had found our guy, and we were right. We told Mike in our meeting that, above all, we just wanted someone who could read the crowd and keep the party rockin'. Of course, we still stressed and agonized over "do not play" lists and guidelines about what we wanted and didn't want for the night. Mike graciously listened to everything we had to say and filed away all of our frantically emailed requests. In the end, we should have just relaxed and trusted that Mike had our backs. (That's why you hire professionals for your wedding... right?) He kept the party going all night, played music to delight the young AND old, and even threw in some surprises. Mike Bocek is a true professional and a crowd pleaser. You won't go wrong hiring him for your event.
Exxxplosivo DJs
Mike!!! You kept the party going until the very last minute. You made our wedding so incredibly memorable, from start to finish I could not have asked for more. The entire night it felt as thought you were exactly in tune with the pulse of the party and managed to ramp it right back up the second people started to mellow out. If you are looking for a wedding DJ, have all the confidence in the world that you need look no further.
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